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...but that was so long ago, and it felt like he could barely recall the time. People expected him to take charge, to be strong, to be neutral and... to not be needy or sad or crying. He almost wanted to go back to being the kid he used to be... so long ago...So long ago...Shaking his head, he glanced around to see if anyone familiar was there... besides his family... besides the family of the deceased. Reaching for that damned tie again, he tugged harder until he heard a satisfying ripping. Sure, he'd regret that later, but at the moment it seemed a stupid thing to worry about. A ripped piece of cloth as compared to a dead friend. He shook his head, pushing that thought back harshly, not ready yet to go from the deceased to dead friend.With a laugh, Sheila tugged on Hank's arm. "Come on, Hank. It's over there, across the street. In that window. I want you to see. It's gorgeous!"Bobby rolled his eyes and looked at Presto, sure the other boy would understand, maybe. "Since Mom said she could get a class ring, that's all she's been talking about! You'd think a junior'd never had a class ring before!"Presto laughed and shrugged, happy and enjoying himself. If anyone had asked two months ago if he'd be out shopping with a gang of friends, he'd have thought they were setting him up for 'Candid Camera' or something. But here he was, two months after...
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