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A Sample part of Gravity Falls Story:

... to this thing in L.A...Nothing youd be interested in. Anyways, what did you say you were going to do, Carl? Libby eyed Cindy suspiciously.Im going to go to a school in Florida, and studying to be a biologist.Wow, Carl! How come you didnt tell us you wanted to be a biologist!? Jimmy said to Carl.I dunno, I didnt think you guys would think I was good enough for it...Of course you are Carl!Thanks, Libby!So, what are you doing in L.A., Cindy? Sheen asked Cindy.I...ummm.. Cindy looked like she was stalling them. Im actually... I mean...My parents, said it was a surprise... Cindy said. Feeling very dumb.Youre STILL listening to your parents? Sheen asked.WHAT!? I am not listening to them, Im deciding I should go! She said angrily.Sooorrryy... Sheen mumbled.Enough talk about the future, lets worry about the present! Jimmy always wanted to keep his friends happy.Everyone quieted down, they didnt want to spend there last moments fighting. So, they all chatted, laughed, and cried (mostly Libby). But it got dark, and Libby, Cindy, Sheen, and Carl had to go. Everyone left except, Cindy. Jimmy walked Cindy outside.Soooo... Jimmy started.Sooo... Cindy repeated. When will we see each other? It looked like tears were welling up in her eyes.Yeah. Of course Promise to visit me on all your breaks. Jimmy was looking up at her. She started to cry.I cant leave you...Its too hard...what if we forget about each other.CINDY, that will NEVER happen. I Promise. I love you. Jimmy hug...

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