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A Sample part of Gravity Falls Story:

... dead. New record! Seven survivors in one room! she shouted. Roll call. Patrick, Mike, Jack, Evan, Veronica, Morgan, Kelsey. What's going on?, Patrick said. We are here for the purpose of compiling you into our army against the aliens that trapped you in this room for several days. How many have you counted dead? Well, in the last few days eight people starved to death and four people were killed in the fights on who got the food, Jack said. I see it got nasty. But we can keep you fed provided that you fight for us. We have no idea how to fight! said Morgan. I do! said Evan. I don't know. Ask Jimmy. He's the one with all the knowledge and stuff. *** Cindy checked the English room. Is anyone here? she called, and the room only echoed it further. A sort of muffled call came. She searched, and it appeared as though only the muffled caller had survived. She looked through the room. The call seemed to come from the corner of the room. An arm stuck out of the rubble. Cindy began removing pieces of plaster and concrete from the survivor, moving upward. More and more of the arm became visible. She worked at removing rubble from around the shoulder, and towards the head-that way the survivor could breathe. But when she saw the face, she stopped. She recognized that fa...
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