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... eternal darkness happened to be Doc Saturday's spouse now. He would never hold and kiss Drew again. All it took was a mere disease to end his life. He was unable to view his widow's tears. The grave was his permanent home. He never observed his family standing near his tombstone.Drew sobbed while her shoulders moved up and down. She ceased crying when she was held.''Let's dance!'' said the man with the Russian accent. She turned to face him and gasped.She stared at his pale face, black hair, and three piece suit. ''Why are you here, Van Rook?'' she hissed.Zak's eyes were currently wide. His mother glanced at him. ''Go play, but remain close so that I can keep my eye on you'' she instructed. Leonidas Van Rook grinned at the eleven-year-old boy. ''You heard your mother. Get lost or you will be joining the man who took her from me!''''You dated Van Rook?!'' Zak exclaimed. ''GO PLAY!'' Drew and Leonidas shouted.They observed him departing. The widow stared at the Russian villain.''Why are you here?'' she repeated. He was silent for a minute.''I did wish to dance on Doc Saturday's grave!'' he admitted. He continued to embrace her.''There's a reason why our paths continue to cross. We are destined to love one another again.'' Drew insisted on crying. ''Our relationship ended years ago!'' she sobbed.''You are a widow now'' he reminded her. ''My heart shattered when you fell in love with Doc Saturday. Perhaps it will be repaired when we are together again. I still love you...

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